The Spell

    The Spell

    1. Lay your 3 tarot card pictures confront up in the focal point of your gold and silver light circle. The principal card on the left is “The Star”, the inside card is simply the card you speak to, and the third card on the privilege is “The Wheel of Fortune.”

    2. Light the greater part of the candles engaged with your spell.

    3. Place your hands on the principal card “The Star.” Visualize yourself encompassed by stars surrounding you. Envision that you see a falling star to make your desire upon. Feel the gleam of the stars, and feel the warmth of the positive vitality that you are creating. Envision yourself as an exceptionally fortunate card shark, and that you have a positive winning demeanor. Envision yourself winning your diversion. You are top notch. Hold these pictures in your psyche for no less than 8 heartbeats.

    4. Place your hands on the inside tarot card picture that you chose to speak to yourself. Ponder the positive vitality that you feel as you have taken all the good fortunes from the stars. Notice the sparkle staring you in the face gave the candles. Lounge in the enormity of the brilliant power. Rehash “I am a Winner” so anyone might hear 3 times. Focus on your triumphant picture. Concentrate on everything about your win.

    5. Place your hands on third tarot card picture “The Wheel of Fortune.” This card is the last key to your prosperity. The Wheel of fortune will hand over your support. Envision yourself winning enormous. Envision yourself getting energized, and envision your surroundings of your win. Feel the energy of winning, and relax in its wonderfulness all. Hold these pictures for at least 8 heartbeats. The clearer your pictures are, the better!

    6. Take a hold of your four leaf clover. Change all the power and positive vitality into this protest. Give the question a chance to shine in your grasp. Feel this vitality, and rehash your perceptions.

    7. Rehash so anyone might hear with however much feeling as could reasonably be expected the accompanying certification.


    Let the abundance of gold, and virtue of silver

    Guide my hands today.

    Favorable luck to me, and a happy demeanor

    Is present, on its way.

    I am a champ, and I win enormous

    I am the most fortunate individual that I know.

    Fortune is around me, and I can deal with

    Any Chance that will present.

    Goodness Powers of Great Fortune

    Do sparkle your grin on me!

    Fortunes and Wins are my reasoning!

    In this way, Mote, it is.

    8. Hold your pictures in your psyche for 8 heartbeats.

    9. Now, your spell is shut. Victory your candles, your incense, and so on.

    10. Tidy up your spell, and don’t harp on it. It will happen. The spell is really taking shape and functions admirably without a consistent idea.

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