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Business Love Marriage Spells – Papa is the most amazing and powerful healer I have ever met. I have been to many different healers from South Africa and overseas from different modalities like craniosacral therapy, body talk, life alignment, chiropractors, etc. All of these healings had a small or just a temporary effect and were not in such depth as Papa’s healing. I found this website on the internet and my intuition drew me towards him and so I gave him a call.

Business Love Marriage Spells

He started treating my one and a half year old for sleeping very badly, having huge abandonment issues, being very restless and unsettled most of the time during day and night. Also on top of it, two of the downlighters in the baby’s room always stayed dimmed and we couldn’t turn them off completely. I knew the reason is the presence of an entity. I have had 2 different “Ghostbusters” come to my house and after a lot of money spent, there was no result. It actually felt like they only aggravated the entity. After the very first session with Papa, the entity was removed and I could turn off my lights completely and not feel a presence in the room. Papa started working with my son on his other issues and there has been a very big improvement – he sleeps better, eats better and overall is a happier child.

Papa Rajesh helped me keep him calm during a long and tiring trip overseas which he normally would not have taken well. He didn’t want to sleep at home, let alone on a plane. I traveled with him on a long 10-hour flight, had a layover and a connecting flight. My son did not make a sound. One couldn’t even tell there was a child there.

I had developed adrenal fatigue and also felt like my brain was in a fog all the time from not sleeping well because of looking after my child. Papa Rajesh helped me a lot. I felt a difference after the first healing.

He worked for my husband as well who has been suffering for a few years from dizziness, disorientation, and noise in the ears. She has made a big difference in his condition after only a few treatments.

Business Love Marriage Spells – Papa Rajesh has done several healings on my mother too, who has been suffering from mild depression and has many other issues with her heart, kidneys, knees and so on. Papa Rajesh has done marvels with her and her many health disorders.

Papa Rajesh is so kind and understanding and very very wise. He always has a brilliant advice no matter what the situation or the issue is. As we know, all health problems on a physical level stem from some sort of an emotional issue. Papa Rajesh works exactly on the root of the diseases – the emotional issues whether they come from something we have gone through in this life or in previous lives.

I can not express enough, my gratitude to this wonderful man who has been giving continuous healing and energetic support to my entire family through this difficult time for us. He goes above and beyond the normal sessions. His healing are very powerful and what so ever one might be suffering from, he can make a difference. He is a true gift from God! Thank you,  papa!
Anonymous, Cape Town 2016

*Many a time I have sat down to write this email, only to be overwhelmed by emotion and end up crying uncontrollably, choking and unable to continue.

I am still struggling to wrap around my pretty head what happened with Rajesh. I made an appointment to see him because I wanted to balance my chakras. Only to find out that, that was not the reason I was led to him. He picked up an entity that was living inside of me for the past three years. Which I had conveniently forgotten about, which every now and then brought up huge blisters on my feet for an hour or so among other things. I was shocked, to say the least!

After doing a Shaman healing, I had to go back for an entity removal. As much as I was scared about the whole thing, of course, I didn’t let him see that – He was very calming! And reassuring. I was right as rain within a week.

We then thought it would be best to do a house cleansing. Wow, that came with its own surprises. It turned out he was a Psychic medium as well because he channeled my Grandfather whom I’d never met but knew a lot of, my Spirit Guides also decided to show up. Right in the middle of my living room! To say I was shocked would be an understatement.! Oh, what an experience! Amazing, scary and overwhelming all at the same time. Talk about getting more than you bargained for!

Business Love Marriage Spells – Papa has helped me to reclaim my life. I feel more in control of things now. Freer. I seem to have this abundant energy. All I want to do is live, live and live some more. I have a more positive outlook on life now. People are noticing the difference in me and are commenting on it. To me, all they are doing is validating Rajesh’s work. It’s the most amazing feeling ever! It’s like a Soul Awakening experience. A spirit rebirth if you like. Thank you, Papa, for giving me back my life! Am truly grateful. Stay blessed, and may your Guides guide, guard and protect you! Wendy,
Truth, Love, and Light.

*I was referred to Papa Rajesh by my best friend who had been for a Past Life Regression (PLR), this was a few months after my 30th birthday. I was lost, confused and most of all I did not know myself. Yet at the age of 30, you would think you have it all figured out. Sadly I was one of those who did not, my life was not anything I imagined or wanted it to be, I had a childhood and past relationship issues that lead me to be someone I did not know let alone love or even like.

After my first PLR, I realized that I needed to let go of my baggage and start focusing on who I am. This not only opened up my eyes spirituality but also helped me grow as a person. I visited papa again not long after my 32nd birthday as I explained to him – “something feels amiss” I feel empty. Papa then explained to me that I am not fulfilling my purpose here on earth and that I need to follow my heart and do what I love. At the time I had an idea as to what that was – helping people in need; in any way, shape or form I wanted to help. papa then made various suggestions, charity work and even helping out at schools. On this occasion with my second PLR – I realized my potential and also unbeknown to me opened up a “gift” I have. A gift I was always aware of but never realized what it was. By this time I not only got to know who I am but also love the person I am and this opened up my gift completely.

I now write this a few months shy of my 33rd birthday after my third visit to Papa for a Shamanic Healing, Aura Cleansing (Chakra) and a highly informative chat, there are no words that I can think of to say a HUGE, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC THANK YOU to Morning Star – Papa  He has helped me develop my gift and guided me on my spiritual journey, which I am only very new at. To a point of being comfortable (meaning without some fear) with being able to communicate with those that have crossed over and pass messages onto those still here in the physical world. I am doing what I was meant to do and that is to help others in need. Once again, I say Thank You – not only did you help save my life but you changed it for all good and eternity. Love and Light Kim Linden
JHB Dec 2013

*I had a pre-operation healing done by Rajesh to prepare my body for major surgery, a tummy tuck, boob job and facelift. The doctors were amazed and very impressed with how fast my body was healing. They took all the staples out in just 10 days which I was told by the doctor is very unusual, they as they normally take them out in stages and over a much longer time period.

Papa Rajesh’s Shamanic healing is by far the best I have ever experienced and I have been to MANY healers over the years. When I have a Shamanic healing I just KNOW things are shifting and healing, I can feel it. Thank you for sharing your gifts, Janine. Caren – JHB

*I arrived at Papa Rajesh`s doorstep, suffering from AA – Anxiety and Addictions.I have been to numerous medical doctors and Psychiatrists, who would just gladly prescribe medications, and even more medication. When the medication for my anxiety ran out I would self-medicate with Alcohol and numerous other over the counter drugs and hardcore drugs, went to Rehab for 6 weeks as well. I quadrupled my sleeping medication every night. Lost and broken, my husband drove me to the AA – I found some relief knowing that I was not alone, but I needed answers way beyond what I had gotten to that point. I knew that I was an addict and an alcoholic, but why, why me, why now? A friend advised me to see a soul healer who practices regression therapy.

For the first time in my life, I absolutely opened up to someone, holding nothing back, just speaking the truth for the first time in my life because I felt absolutely safe and accepted. Something inside of me said that I could trust Rajesh and I did.

I have been trying to find help and answers for the past 4 years, with no positive results until 6 weeks ago. After only 3 sessions with Papa I just don’t feel the urge/need/want to take drugs or drink alcohol; I have gone completely off my sleeping medication which was HUGE for me. It is still early days but it’s now been 6 weeks and I am just feeling stronger and stronger day by day, standing in my own truth and power. No longer needing or wanting to hide and escape from the world. It has been a painful journey so far and I cannot explain how hard it is to let go of all that I have. Who knows what tomorrow brings, but I am at peace today, right now which I have never known or experienced before. My husband is so happy about the changes he sees in me, he has asked to meet Papa  Anonymous (contact details will be provided to authentic clients on request due to sensitive nature)

Business Love Marriage Spells

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