End relationship

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End relationship

Voodoo Spell to End a Relationship



Memorabilia related to the relationship, a chain, and a blessing anything.


Wisteria incense stick

Peppermint oil

Grapefruit oil




In a vast cauldron, put in memorabilia related to the relationship. Compose the accompanying spell on a bit of paper,

“The time has come, for everything to end.

The streets that crossed now another way twist.

From heart and memory,

Soul and Mind,

May leftovers so go?

They are elusive.

Surge in the time of a new association

A fresh out of the box new bond, a revival”.

Read it so anyone can hear and toss it into the cauldron. Light a wisteria incense stick and hurl it in. Include a dash of peppermint oil, a drop of grapefruit oil and a palmful of ginger. Cook until the point that the things in the cauldron start to burn and ligament. Pour in enough water to cover the issue. Bubble until the point when everything vanishes. Ensure nothing stays in the cauldron. On the off chance that any remaining parts are discovered, gather them and cover it under a pine tree. In the event that a pine tree isn’t accessible close-by, at that point cover it under the closest tall tree you can discover