devotion spell

    devotion spell

    Voodoo Fidelity Spell



    Blue Nile incense sticks

    Red Flame

    Bergamot oil



    Influence a little doll of the individual you to need to be loyal to you, out of the mixture.

    Stick Blue Nile incense into the leader of the doll. Light the incense until the fiery remains that fall of it coat the whole doll.

    In a container, put the doll. Hold it over a lit red light and toast the doll. Include a couple of drops of bergamot oil with the goal that the doll starts to boil a bit. Presently say the accompanying,

    “A chain of adoration, or one of desire,

    May you be bound, till your tissue is tidy?

    Never an eye, ever will you cast,

    Over another, until the point that you last.”

    Expel the doll from the dish. Place it into a pocket and hang under the bed of the individual for whom it is made.

    Leave the doll there for 10 days. After this, cover it in a pot outside the window of the individual. Keep in mind to do this as this broadens the length of the spell and expands its viability. The individual will turn loyal with each passing day.

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